Sunday, August 29, 2004 is coming along well and the wraps should be ripped off by the end of next week. Its a nice and simple site, but hopefully it does the job.
Incidentally, I have just been checking how the Compass website is doing in the Yahoo! page rankings to see if I'm doing ok with my coding. "Plumbing Essex" returns sixth, "Plumbing Dagenham" is first! There were a few other terms as well which produced similar results, so that is great news. It came about after they were phoned by a company trying to make money out of page promotion and page ranking. Looks like it isn't really needed!
I've just got Doom 3, so expect some comments on that at some point, but I'll be busy packing my life away and throwing out all of my crap before moving day, (which is now less than 2 weeks away,) between working on the website, so the game may have to wait.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I got back from a short break in Portugal yesterday afternoon. Nice and hot but got burnt on the first day and ended up sitting in the shade most of the time after that. Silly thing to do! ***EDIT: REMOVED*** So its good to be home for the last 18 day stretch.
I'm working on at the moment, so that's where my effort is going and money is coming from.
And in my opinion, this new seizure suppressor sounds a little too scarily similar to that used in Michael Crichton's Terminal Man, (where things go bad...)

Monday, August 09, 2004

I'm back today from my trip to Sin City (a.k.a. Las Vegas.) It was a pretty good trip. Lots of food, too much sun, a few beers and a bit of a flutter on the tables. All in all I was down about $200 by the end, but it was still fun doing it, (except the Blackjack, which raped me for $60 in about 2 minutes!)
Ash on a Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine