Sunday, November 12, 2006

This week a truck load of PS3 test kits turned up at work. I now have a shiney new PS3 sitting on my desk along with 3 games. I'm not going to incriminate myself by saying anything about the it.
In unrelated news, I won't be buying one. Certainly not in the first year at least.
Other trivia:
  • Blu-Ray-R's are a dark gold color.

  • PS3s are big and heavy, but there is no power brick

  • The controller is a little light but its ok. It feels ok to play with until you press certain buttons. L2/R2 triggers are not straight buttons anymore, but act like the Xbox 360 triggers, (curving.) It feels weird though since the "turning radius" is so tight. The X button really needs to be pushed to get it to work. I guess the face buttons must be analogue again, but perhaps a little better than the PS2 ones.

Monday, November 06, 2006

So after just three months of working here at EA I've shipped my first title: Need for Speed: Carbon.

My name isn't actually in the credits of this one, but hey I know I worked on it. It will just make me more excited about the game that finally does.
Other than that, things have pretty much been going along as normal. I've been told I'm doing well at work and I am definitely enjoying it.
I got myself a copy of NFS and it is pretty good. I'm not a fan of such arcade style racing usually, (except in an arcade,) but this is put together quite well with a great visual style. I also picked up a copy of FIFA 07 which has been a bit annoying. Probably best to save that for multiplayer. I was given a copy of Battlefield 2142 for free and that game is great. It's a lot like playing Onslaught mode in Unreal Tournament 2004. I'm really into my gaming at the moment and I can think of three games I would like to get next month just off the top of my head.
Out of nowhere I won a free golf lesson. I've been meaning to take some for a while now but it has never worked out. We had a health fair at work and one of the stalls was from a nearby course. I spoke to them and was ready to take them up on their offer that weekend. They mentioned a prize draw so I put my name down and ended up winning. Exactly what I was after.
I couldn't use it last weekend however since I had to fly out to Orlando to help my brother move out. He has just graduated from the Computer Animation degree at Full Sail, (his demo reel is great,) but because the car was in my name apparently I had to be there to sell it. A bit of a pain being so short notice but I got to see my family for the weekend so it was ok.
All in all things are good. I'm looking forward to coming home for Christmas now.