Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I took the test at Who Should You Vote For to see what party I am best aligned with, (well, after answering a few basic questions) and I end up being more or less in the middle. Great. Oh well, I'm not at home to vote anyway.

Labour 12
Conservative 3
Liberal Democrat -1
UK Independence Party 5
Green 9

Thursday, April 21, 2005

It can be really annoying not knowing your schedule for the next month or two ahead of time. I would really like to go and see England vs USA in a friendly match next month and the US F1 Grand Prix the month after.
Anyway, it has been a while since I last posted and a few things have happened. Thanks to Louise, her sister and my Mum for coming out to visit during Spring break. Nice to see all of them and see America as a tourist again.
I have been playing Cold Fear which has been OK. Basic zombie blasting after following what is really a linear path to find item X to unlock door Y. Certainly not a bad game, but probably not quite as good as I hoped. Resident Evil 4 is supposed to be better.
I am trying to earn myself a Free Sony PSP. If anyone would like to help out on that front, please sign up by clicking that link. Much appreciated.
I have also opened a new website dedicated to the console, despite my lack of one, at Bit empty right now, but more will come. Mostly when I have long weekends to spend some time on it.
I have been doing some 3D modeling this month and am now working on a level for Unreal Tournament 2004. In Windows Programming we are wrapping up with a Tile Map Editor. It should be quite good by the end. As effort affords me, some of this stuff I have been making will end up online.
P.S. Incredible. As I was typing this my friend was calling Microsoft Tech Support... and got his problem fixed in all of about 5 minutes. Yes! That short AND its fixed. Amazing.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I got hold of LEGO Star Wars for the PC and have been playing it for the past few days during breaks and after class. I was unsure whether to play through Episode III since it would obviously contain spoilers for the movie. I went ahead though and have completed the story mode and am now going through the Freeplay mode to try and unlock all of the bonuses, (such as extra characters.) It is a great, simple little game that is fun to play, (even if there are a few frustrating sections, such as the jumping around at the end of the last level.) In between all the usual lightsabering levels are the occasional vehicle levels which add a bit of 'on-rails' action for a change of pace. I would probably give an 8 overall, with a high recommendation to try it. Marks are only lost for being a little short, (but the replay value is quite high,) and a bit of repetitiveness creeping in. Hey, you get to be Samuel L Jackson in LEGO form. It has to be good.
Having played it I am looking forward to May 19th even more. If the movie is anything like the game, this is going to be a high action Star Wars film, which has always been the best part of the other films. Lets face it, star fighters and lightsabers rock. Trade blockades don't.