Friday, March 31, 2006

I have been meaning to post here for weeks now. It has been over a month since last time I did and a lot has happened. First, Mum and Louise were supposed to go on a cruise but ended up staying in Orlando instead, (long story, but it was nice to see them. They are back in a couple of weeks too!)
Our Feasibility and Proof of Concept presentations went really well for Final Project. POC was done infront of Digital Art and Design students that are hoping to help us gamers out for their portfolio. It seems like we are going to get the cream of the crop to help us out since they pretty much all chose our game or one other group's. The students with the highest GPA get their top choice downwards. Works out well for us!
I'm not sure how much I am allowed to say about my job hunting, but I've been doing well with EA. I passed the programming test, spent all day in an interview during GDC and have managed to get myself two offers! Details pending on that one. I'm also getting a phone call from Rare in the morning.
Speaking of GDC, that was fantastic. I was disappointed to miss a day since there was so much I wanted to see, but I still managed to get to most of what I wanted to. The IGDA people and mentors were great, the sessions interesting and the free t-shirts of good quality. I have already written up a report on what I got up to for the IGDA, so I'll post a link here when they put it up on their site next week. Just let me say thanks to all of them, especially Rudy Geronimo for all the leg work and Mike Mika & Chris Charla for mentoring me.
Right now I'm back to work on my Maya Model and Animation Exporter. Models are in, but there is some issue with the animations. Some of the matrices for the joints seem to be in the wrong order or something... Getting annoying, but I need to get back to it. Feature Fragment 1 is on Monday.