Sunday, January 08, 2012

It seems to be an annual thing for me to come back and write a new post here! The big news this time is that I'm moving back to the US in just two weeks. I'll be working back at EA in Redwood City, CA, still as an Origin Developer Relations Account Manager but now working on US games rather than EU ones. We've announced some but not others, so I'll keep all it under wraps for now. Trust me though, there are some pretty exciting projects in there!

Stuff I've been working on for the past year include the launches of Origin, (as you can probably tell from the name change of our team,) and Battlefield 3. On the side I ported Rack 'Em to the PlayBook using WebWorks and HTML5. It's free, so if you have a PlayBook you can grab it from BlackBerry App World.

My brother was living in the UK last year but has now moved back to Brisbane and launched his T-Shirt site, Cotton Robot. I've been meaning to help with the website, but only done about half of the work unfortunately. Still, go there and buy a shirt!

Other things that happened last year include a visit to the carnival in Brazil, (can't believe that was less than a year ago!) watching Arsenal lose the Carling Cup Final, an away weekend in Manchester to watch Bolton vs. West Ham, a trip through the Florida Keys, the Everglades & NYC, seeing Take That at Wembley and Foo Fighters at the MK Bowl, an Orlando trip, a Coopers 10 year reunion, a tour around Buckingham Palace, some DICE visits, a holiday in Vegas for my Dad's 60th, a supercar racing day, being asked to be Best Man for a friend's wedding this coming Summer and hosting a cracking Leaving/New Years Eve party.

Hopefully this year will be as exciting!

Please help me out! I'm moving back to the US and this stuff won't be making the trip. Wanna buy something? I'll be updating this page as new items are added or things get sold. Thanks Ash

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