Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another month goes by without posting. The intention is there, just not the execution.
Anyway, Thanksgiving has just come and gone during which I spent the week in Jamaica with my family, Louise and family, and a big crowd of others. It rained or was overcast pretty much the whole time. I think we had about two hours of sun one morning and I still managed to get sun burnt. Regardless, I had fun and it was good to see everyone and I'm looking forward to coming home to England for Christmas in less than two weeks.
The day before going away the Nintendo Wii launched in the US. I tried to pick one up but couldn't find one anywhere. I was in line at Circuit City when it opened and they had 39 units. I was 41 in the queue. After getting back to work I had an email waiting saying I had one a Wii, (well, the chance to buy one,) in the company lottery so I did end up with one anyway. I've only got the Wii Sports game that comes with the system so far and it seems like a fun diversion, but I've only played for about 2 hours total. I've been letting other people play it more than I have myself, (I left it at work for two days to let people try it out.) I'm waiting to get Zelda for Christmas since it is the only game I really want for the system at the moment.
Gears of War finally turned up on Friday so I was playing that alot yesterday. The graphics are amazing. I first tried it at work on a small standard-def TV and it looked good even on that, but now I get to play in HD glory at home. I've been having problems connecting to online games for some reason, unless I pick sessions with low populations. I can guess why, but it is annoying.
Work is still going well and I'm still enjoying it. Friday was our company Christmas Party and they had converted a few areas into a Jazz Club / Casino. I had a laugh playing poker but ended up losing it all, but it was only for fun anyway, (though the two chip leaders won Wiis and third got a signed Ali boxing glove!)