Monday, June 04, 2007

Dad and Chris flew back to England over the weekend after being here for two weeks. The four of us, (including Louise,) went to the Hawaiian island of Oahu for Memorial Day weekend, (Honolulu, Waikiki beach.) It was a fun trip; Chris and I tried surfing, we went snorkeling with sea turtles and took a helicopter flight around the island where we saw the valleys they filmed Lost and Jurassic Park. We also saw Shrek 3, which turned out to not be as funny as previous installments. It needed more Donkey :)
Louise and I have still been playing golf. We have finished our lessons now so we have just been going out on a 9-hole course to practice. Neither of us can drive very far so I've ended up double bogeying on each hole, but thats not a bad target after only a couple of games.
Work is going OK. I went on the trip to Canada and learnt a lot there. I've gone through my first annual review and gotten a nice little raise. Its only two months now before I am back home working out of the UK.
Speaking of which, we are both flying home next weekend, (15th June,) because of an issue with Louise's visa which came up when she came to visit me in Canada. Make sure the red carpet is rolled out. Hopefully it will give us a chance to check out the Guildford area so we know where we will be living once we get back.
Finally, congratulations to Steve who managed to tie with me in the Fantasy Premiership game. It is pretty unbelievable that we got all the way through the season and ended up on the same score.