Monday, September 27, 2004

OK, so hurricane path prediction is pretty crap. We were told about a week ago that Hurricane Jeanne would miss us by miles and just stay in the Atlantic. Well Chris and I were sitting in the dark last night with no power and have not started Uni today because of it. It wasn't so bad. Loads of rain and very strong wind, but we were fine. The lake we live next to is overflowing though and has flooded an island in the middle of it. I'm using a public access computer at the moment since we still have no power at home and don't really want to go back there and do nothing all day. Still, tomorrow is another day and we will finally get to start school.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Hi everyone. Over a year ago I started this blog as an easy way to document my placement year for my MediaLab Arts degree. I had no idea then that my 100th post would be from the USA the day before I move into my new flat before I go back to Uni to study Computer Game Design. I am extremely lucky.
And I have been extremely busy! We have now bought everything we can think of that we need for the flat, a bad-ass 2005 Toyota Matrix and signed up for all our cable, insurance and boring stuff like that. I managed to fail my US driving test today. Didn't come to a COMPLETE stop at a Stop sign. Load of rubbish, but will do it again either tomorrow or Tuesday and I'll pass no problems.
Running short on time right now, so I'll leave it at that and get back to you soon. Probably when I get my laptop, though I'm still not sure when that is.

Friday, September 10, 2004

This is post 99 coming Live! from Virgin Altantic's Clubhouse in Gatwick Airport. I'll soon be off and just wanted to put one last message up since I found a computer and Ivan is on the way.
I'm sending this post via email, so I hope this works. It's a handy feature of this blog if it does. If I make it through Monday I'll try and stick another message up here, (this new laptop I'm getting better have a WiFi card in it...)
*Update* It worked, but the formatting was a bit off since emails text-wrap in a funny way. I also had to flick a setting on that made the post get published and not just saved, but still it should work from now on in a pinch. Bye!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

So this is my 98th post to this blog, but the 100th probably won't come for a while unfortunately. I'm leaving (on a jet plane) tomorrow morning for Florida and won't have a computer with me until I start at Full Sail and they issue me my laptop. So 2 weeks of being pretty much unreachable since I won't even have a phone or anything until I've been to the shops and bought my 21st Century essentials. I just wanted to post a heads-up that I'm not ignoring you... I just won't have gotten your messages! Keep sending them in though and I'll get back to you ASAP. I might find an Internet cafe or something.
I'm getting the itch to redesign the website again since this one has never been quite right. It was always more of an experiment with PHP, mySQL, some CSS techniques etc. so there are things that need addressing. And I've still got a load of work to add to the portfolio. We'll see how the work load goes.
Just before I go, is now finished I think. The holding page will come down this evening, I would have thought, after it gets final approval. 2 more jobs may actually have come out of this one, so its a shame I'm now leaving! Why couldn't this have happened back in June?! Oh well. Maybe I will take my currnet laptop tomorrow after all...
*Update* My webhost is crapping out on me, so there may be a delay in this message getting onto that thar Internet thing. When it finally does, there should also be some new photos online under the heading Ashley's Leaving Nights from the BBQ and from last night in Romford. Enjoy, you media devouring monsters you!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Something I forgot to put in my last post, which was after Amir Khan, (the British Olympic Boxing Silver medalist from this year's games in Athens,) following his fight said something like, "A lot of kids sit at home and play computer games, but I got up and did something." Not knowing he had said that, I had commented to someone that said he was "really clever for doing so well," that he "only threw punches for a living." I guess we can call that a difference of opinion. Not that I'm denying he's a talented boxer, just that it isn't an intellectual pursuit and not necessarily something that should be praised.
Anyway, it is getting very close to moving day, as long as this third hurricane, Ivan, doesn't make it to Florida! As we've just had our last weekend at home Chris and I had a BBQ with our friends and a good time was had by all. Cheers to all that came.
A new website feature that was requested by one of the BBQ attendees, Mr. J Halls BSc (Hons), was a drink counter that records everything alcoholic I drink while in the states, so look out for that. (My prediction is that it will stay low since I'll be the only one old enough to drink, and everyone will think I'm an alcoholic.)