Thursday, June 23, 2005 is my brother Chris' site which he opened recently and has some of his work to download. The animations are really quite impressive. Try the second Lip Sync and 5 points to anyone for naming the sound clip used. is my PSP news site which has just been totally redesigned to make it easier for me to update and be a lot easier to read. I've just kept it nice and clean and simple, although maybe it just needs something...
After getting some 99.x% marks in my classes these past few months I have managed to out do myself by getting a 102% in Structure of Game Design. Yes I am bragging and I don't care. The big grin on my face says it all! :D
* Update *
Incredible I know, but I have actually gone and updated my portfolio and uploaded some new work. and are mentioned and two games have been listed, Arkanoid and Teenage Mutannt Ninja Turtles! Be sure to read the notes on those since DirectX patches may be necessary to play.

Monday, June 13, 2005

I've been to EB Games at the weekend to trade in my klapped out XBox, (which has been opened and abused) for an XBox 360 pre-order. I managed to distract the guy while he was looking at the bottom, so he didn't notice the warranty voiding sticker damage and got myself $70. A problem arose that they no longer had any pre-orders left though, already! If they are in this short supply this early, I think I should pick one up then just stand outside and flog it for $500. I said that to the clerk and he told me I would probably get it too. He also said to phone them Tuesday morning as they might be given another allocation from head office.
Still no NeoFlash and the Half-Life book has been pushed back to August.
School has been a bit of a bitch so far this month as it is a late shift 6 days a week. And one of the classes is Media and Society, which I feel is a bit of a waste of time having done this stuff loads before. Structure of Game Design is quite good though. We are actually making real games! Expect them to appear on the site by the end of the month as no new work has been put up here for ages.
I wish I could go to one of the Live8 concerts, but they are on the Saturday I'm flying back to the UK for a break. Not the weekend I'm there, or even the next day, the day I'm flying. How crap is that? Poor me, *sniff* ;)