Saturday, July 29, 2006

Its the day after my 23rd Birthday and I have been a busy boy. My last post was on the last day of school, so it should be pretty obvious a lot has happened.
First, I graduated from Full Sail, top of my class, (valedictorian,) no less! I also won class awards for DirectX, AI and Structure of Game Production, so I did pretty well!
The day after that I went home to the UK for a break and to sort out my passport and Visa for coming back to the US. During that I went off to Italy for a week with Louise and had a great time. We decided to travel about by train so that we could see a few different places. Rome had the most to see, Pisa was a one trick pony, Venice was beautiful and Lake Garda gave us a chance to chill out by the pool. I was hoping for more from the food though. Italy went and won the World Cup the day we arrived so it was good to see that while we were there. At first the reaction was muted, (although we were in the Hard Rock Cafe, Rome, surrounded by Americans...) but as we made our way back to the main square, the whole of Italy turned up. After a few minutes of feeling happy for them, thoughts turned to getting home and the nightmare that would be with all the roads blocked with traffic and people. Somehow, after an hours walk, we ended up getting in the back of a passing car and were given a lift back to the hotel. I can't say how grateful I was to the couple that picked us up! Also worth mentioning, I won the Fantasy World Cup with my friends from Coopers, which may be my greatest sporting achievement :)
After another week at home I moved here to California. It has been a hectic few days setting up here from scratch, but I had help from my parents and I think we are done now. Got myself a nice place, a little flat screen HDTV and a Jeep Grand Cherokee!
All I have to do now is wait to start work at EA on Monday. That's when the real fun should start!