Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Xbox 360 came back ages ago, but it has been almost two months since I updated this blog. Seems to be working fine. I've been playing lots of GTA4 and finished the story mode last week. I have dabbled with a little Battlefield: Bad Company too, which has my name in the credits! DICE sent over a care package with a few free copies to say thanks for helping, which was nice of them.
Since the last update I have been to the Wii Summit 08 and Sony DevStation 08 conferences. I have a ticket booked for the XNA Gamefest 08 in two weeks time as well. It will be interesting to compare swag, especially since the attendance fees differ so wildly. Nintendo's was free and main gift was a laptop bag. Sony's was €50 and I got a PlayStation Eye and Spiderman Trilogy Blu-Ray gift set. Microsoft's is around £200, so that may get me a free Xbox 360?
I have been away to Tennessee for Louise's mum's 50th. It was actually a lot of fun and something I would probably never have done otherwise. We went to see Graceland, Jack Daniel's Distillery and the Grand Ole Opry, amongst other things, (like shopping.)
I started up a new project of playing a new game demo each workday, (that I can,) and recording my impressions on a website cleverly titled Demo per Day. It is a quick way for me to expose myself to new gaming experiences, catch up with old games that passed me by, (even if it is just a taste,) and perhaps gain a useful knowledge into a gaming industry niche.
It is my 25th birthday this weekend. I need to deal with my early mid-life crisis.