Friday, June 23, 2006

Yesterday was our final day of Full Sail. Called Archive Day we were basically charged with having to create an installer, a CD label, compile our design and technical documents into a single file to be printed as a book etc. and turn it all in. That all went fine and the game is now done, (as far as Full Sail are concerned.)
I have been working on the website for the game and it is open for business. Visit and you can now download a copy of the game to play. We may be updating the installer from time to time, or maybe patches since we are working on getting better network play.
The Independent Games Festival website has been updated for the 2007 competition today and I have been reading the rules to see what we are eligible for. It looks like we cannot go for the student competition since we got some help with our character and weapon models and animations. We can however enter the main competition, so I think we will be doing that. The music may need to be replaced however, since I think it may be copyright infringement to use what we have if the game is no longer considered a student project. I may have to call and clarify if we can't get anything else easily.
After all of that I went to go and see Dave Chappelle live last night. Even the support acts were funny, but towards the end of the show the heckling Chappelle was getting, ("Yeeeeah!", "What?", etc.) was ridiculous and he seemed to be getting a bit pissed off. Things got more serious after that as he was talking more about why he ran off to Africa, (corruption and "The Game",) and that made me leave with a more uncomfortable feeling than I was expecting from a comedy show. But still, glad I went.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

So all went well with final presentation, and you can now see for yourself. My brother recorded us from the audience and I got the footage up onto Google Video for all to enjoy. They lower the quality to reduce the file size/download time, but you should still get the idea. We are actually sitting here polishing out some bugs right now, after which I'll throw a copy up to download.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

We need to turn-in our game on Monday for our Final Presentation to the school, friends, family etc. While we still have a little bit to do in terms of polishing out some of the bugs, swapping out some of the sounds and textures and what have you, I am really proud of what our group has managed to produce. Not only that, but without any major crunching or big worries. I'll get a copy online after our last turn-in in a couple of weeks.
I must have a lot on my mind at the moment since I've been having some trouble sleeping, (the project, graduating, moving, visas, starting work...) But hey, its going to give me time to add some help screens to the game right now. And from tomorrow I'll be able to watch the World Cup, (come on England!)