Thursday, July 29, 2004

I've just realised, while I was away I was meant to post that this blog is now a grand 1 year old! Started as a way to document my placement year, on CreateUK, it is now going to be my way of telling the world about how I'm doing at Full Sail. Thanks to anyone that actually read any of it!
Anyway, I've done a much better job of the photos of Dublin, and put all of the old photos up in a new gallery. There is no longer any fancy search function, everything is just up there by event, but it means it is more likely to be updated. I have a bit of a back catalogue to get through, so I may get on with that in a min. Check them all out at
* Update * I've just added the ability to translate this website into one of five languages onto each page. Just click the appropriate flag in the top left of the page. Sweet!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

My photos from Dublin have been hurriedly pushed through Photoshop and have shot up to so feel free to have a look. I'll do a better job of them later in the week hopefully, (retouching, having larger images, making a better gallery site and adding more photos from other events.)

Monday, July 26, 2004

I was totally stunned on Friday by being driven by Louise to Stanstead Airport to jet off to Dublin for the weekend to celebrate the arrival of my 21st Birthday tomorrow. All of my mates were standing there waiting for me. I had no idea and everyone did a top job of keeping it quiet for four months! Go Karting, The Guiness Brewery Tour, pub crawls, a couple of clubs and more McDonalds than you could shake a Fillet of Fish at. Thanks Everyone!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I have been tinkering with the site again, so you may notice a few small changes here and there, with more over the next few days. I keep saying its getting to be the way I like it, but these little touches are important. One of them should fix opacity problems found in Safari for example, which I managed to have a quick browse with at Submerge. I've also fixed some broken images not changed during the porting of this blog over from CreateUK. Best of all is the addition of more awards and competition wins to the frontpage, one of which is for the X-Box Media Center Skinning Contest, with the winners announced this past weekend.
I think all that needs adding now are more styles for the site and more of my work, as well as a page template for showing off image based work. It will all come shortly.
Finally, I may have landed myself a job as a writer for gamesTM magazine here in the UK, while I'm away studying in Florida. Kind of like a diary of what Chris and I have been doing during our studies and pursuit of a career in games. If it comes off, it would be excellent news, allowing us to earn some money so we could eat!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Today I bring you photographic joy. Submerge 2004 and the F1 Demonstration in London's Regent Street in glorious visual detail, just for you!
Submerge: Bought to you by James Nation and Some of my Images, in Association with Chris O'Shea
F1 Demo: My Unsorted Images and Videos
Highlights: My GameBoy and I Share an Ice Cream with a Guest at Submerge, then Juan Pablo Montoya Races Past in his BMW Williams and Again in Beautiful Full Motion!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

OK, so I had a crappy spot at Submerge, the judges didn't speak to me or even see my project, I didn't win anything and the two days of little sleep and 550 mile drive have left me knackard. But hey, at least there were a few MLA winners, especially the Submerge Award (i.e. Best-of-Show) winners, Bo-Shing for Minyuns. Well done guys, highly deserved. You'll go far.
On a totally unrelated note, I went to a cash-point (or ATM to you yankees,) today and tried to change my PIN. After choosing that option I got the blue-screen-of-death and watched in horror as the machine crashed and rebooted Windows NT (very slooooooowly.) The bastard kept my card too!
***Stupid bloody coders given important jobs... What's the point in a colour screen when the old black and green ones worked?! Back in my day... grumble, grumble***

Thursday, July 01, 2004

So here I am LIVE! at Submerge 2004. The MediaLab Arts stuff I've obviously seen before, but there are a few other colleges and uni's here displaying some of their 'talent.' There is some good stuff on display, I especially liked a QuickTime someone had done for a Pot Noodle ad. Very Nice. At the same time, MLA is head and shoulders above everyone else here. And my GBA project has had a brilliant responce. EVERYONE that has looked so far has said, "I have never thought of doing something like that," referring to reusing a device we already own for extra use. The first guy I showed practically offered me a job on the spot, but I then told him I was off to the USA. All in all, its looking good so far, and I'm glad I came for the little exposure I'm getting, (I'm in a bit of a crap spot in a corner.) I might even have a chance at a Commercial Value prize...
In related news, my project only earned a 2:2! Very disappointing, but I earned a 2:1 overall. Obviously not the First I was hoping to scrape, but hey... There's always Florida!