Monday, April 10, 2006

Final Project is still going well. Feature Fragment #1 was passed with flying colours and we are making steady progress. Since getting the Maya Model and Animation Exporter working I've mostly been making some models and putting them into the game. I've added some features like attach points too, so I'm pretty proud of it all. I could still add blending between animations, instead of just between frames though. Apart from that I've been making the menus and HUD. We are getting close to having some proper gameplay in the game so I'll need to make the HUD do more soon.
On the job front, Rare called and wanted to fly me out for an interview, but I've all but signed for EA now, which is really exciting. I'm finally going to be doing what I've always wanted to do. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to talk about and since I don't want to get into any trouble, I'll just say I'll be starting in California later this year. All I need to do is read over my contract next week. I hoping Louise is going to be coming with me. We need to sort out a job and visa for her, but hopefully that won't be too hard. She and Mum are coming out to visit later this week too!