Friday, November 28, 2003

I just had two blokes start on me in Bretonside Bus Station here in Plymouth. I was walking back from uni and these two were coming the opposite way, walked right up next to me and just shouted something stupid, (like "weeerr".) I turned round and said "prick" (first mistake.) I carried on walking and they must have turned round and followed me. One just watched while the other one pushed me in the back then punched me in the face a few times. I was just telling him to leave it. Then he had enough and started to go. The weedy f**k who was watching then said "You enjoy that?" to which I wittily replied "did you?" (stupid idiot that i am.) They then followed me shouting again, so i ducked into a pub at the last sec. I waited a min and then went home. Now my jaw hurts, c**ts. I'm just f**king stupid for thinking i'm a barry big bannana.

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