Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I've been fiddling with Photoshop CS today and yesterday, with some simple, but nice results. I'll try and add some to the CreateUK portfolio during the next update. I might use some of them as inspiration for some webpages. Less stressed with my workload now. Only have the Advanced Scripting to do, which is pretty much in a submittable state already. I'm just gonna add more and more little bits, like health bars, sounds, win / lose images (which is why I was in Photoshop just now, but didn't actually do any now I think about it...) etc.
The presentation yesterday was so-so. I think I got most of it across, missing out much less of what I wanted to say than last time. Our lecturer for that module is my final project supervisor who I saw this morning and he basically said it was ok but the art was crap, which of course I knew. We also couldn't show the games since there is no Flash Player installed in the room we presented in. That could be a bit of a blessing however. For some reason, the mobile version of the game did open. Maybe Flash Lite is super compatible...? Anyway, its down to the essays now, and I'm pretty happy with mine, so I should be fine. I can see that first slipping away though...

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