Thursday, April 29, 2004

Looks like I'll be phasing out my Hotmail account. GMail seems to have some pretty cool features. 1GB of storage for a start! Then the way messages are stored and organised so that emails are more like an instant message conversation, backed up by Google's powerful search facilities. Shame I'm not getting any mail there yet, since I've scored myself a great address while its still so new, (I don't want to post it so that I can defend myself from Spam for at least a few weeks.)
I just remembered something that happened to me on the Tube while coming back to Plymouth. I was wearing a t-shirt from around the World Cup 2002 in Japan that had England written across the chest with some Japanese characters beneath it. I had no idea what they said, but I liked it anyway. So I'm standing on the platform and this stereotypical Japanese kid gets off, GBA in hand, stands right infront of me, stares at my shirt and starts saying "Ing... Eng... Enger..." before his mum carted him off. So, at least I know that I wasn't walking around with dickhead written across my shirt!

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