Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Something I forgot to put in my last post, which was after Amir Khan, (the British Olympic Boxing Silver medalist from this year's games in Athens,) following his fight said something like, "A lot of kids sit at home and play computer games, but I got up and did something." Not knowing he had said that, I had commented to someone that said he was "really clever for doing so well," that he "only threw punches for a living." I guess we can call that a difference of opinion. Not that I'm denying he's a talented boxer, just that it isn't an intellectual pursuit and not necessarily something that should be praised.
Anyway, it is getting very close to moving day, as long as this third hurricane, Ivan, doesn't make it to Florida! As we've just had our last weekend at home Chris and I had a BBQ with our friends and a good time was had by all. Cheers to all that came.
A new website feature that was requested by one of the BBQ attendees, Mr. J Halls BSc (Hons), was a drink counter that records everything alcoholic I drink while in the states, so look out for that. (My prediction is that it will stay low since I'll be the only one old enough to drink, and everyone will think I'm an alcoholic.)

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