Friday, May 13, 2005

My Half-Life 2: Mod Maker's Source Guide is still yet to arrive, as is my NeoFlash DS Linker.
School is going well though. DirectX lessons have been heating up and we have been making some nice plugins for Maya in ATP. Its feeling like we can make something more substantial with every class that goes by. Even if the labs can be a struggle and you might not have 100% understanding of what is going on...
Last night Microsoft used MTV as a platform to launch it's new Xbox 360. Not much in the way of "Revolutionary" games is known yet, but I can see myself getting one at launch for many reasons. One quote from Microsoft's official Xbox site has this to say:
"The Xbox 360 supports progressive-scan for DVD playback functionality, including a control for opening and closing the tray."
Wow. It must be great! But seriously, I'm looking forward to more at E3.

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