Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yesterday was my 22nd Birthday, which I celebrated about 4 different times throughout the day (midnight UK time, midnight USA time etc.) The day wasn't great since I had to go to school to do a presentation. Our group had to wait around all day since we were chosen to go last. I didn't feel much like working after busting out some late night work that week to get our game demo done in time. Neither did anyone else, so we ended up watching a load of movies including the new Family Guy straight-to-DVD movie out in September.
I got some nice presents, (Thank You everyone,) one of which was three tickets to go and see Franz Ferdinand at an MTV taping at Hard Rock Live! The show itself was pretty good, and there was a surprising amount of Scottish fans there. But before it started, they were making people cheer and dance to the CD so they could get some crowd shots and I thought that was utter crap. I went with Joe and Duke and got very, very drunk. In fact I ended up sleeping on someone's lawn last night.
In more sober news, I got to see NASA launch their new shuttle into space this week from the school car park. Incredible. There are people out there in space, how weird is that?

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