Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hello once again. I begin with an apology to anyone that may have received spam email coming from this domain. I noticed a lot of strange emails coming from the "email ash" form in the left column of this website but didn't think much of it. After getting about 10 every other day for a week or so now, I just looked into it. It turns out there is a simple exploit to the PHP mail() function to allow people to hijack the form and send mail to whoever they want. Hopefully no one was really affected and it was just some kid somewhere who learnt a new trick. Anyway, hopefully I have plugged the hole and the form should still work. If you have problems using it, be sure to drop me a real email (Hi [a] to let me know.
As for real life, from the lack of posting for a while you may get the idea that I have been busy. Dad and Louise came to visit Chris and I last week, (thank you both for coming!) so we got to have a mini-holiday, shopping, eating, etc. I did have to go to school during that time which was unfortunate and I'm trying to catch up now for the time not spent working. The most unusual thing we did while they were here was to go swimming with Dolphins at Discovery Cove (Sea World). They felt squishier to touch than I expected, for some reason...
Now that I am back to school work I'm trying to get a 3D model exporter plugin for Maya done along with an importer to view them in OpenGL. I have it working so far, but I need to improve it by including texturing and hopefully animation. In Machine Architecture we have been doing some Assembly code which is a pain to write, but will hopefully be useful when we start making our next big project and want to optimize some of our routines. My grades still seem to be coming in high, although the group project in SGP last month was graded as a C, by far and away my worst grade so far. With a bit of luck I can choose some better group members for our next project.
Right. Back into Visual Studio I go. Bye!

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