Saturday, January 07, 2006

It has been over a month since my last post and that puts us into 2006. Networking went well and Engine Development is rolling along. I've finally started on my Maya Animation Exporter which I am heading back to after posting this. Our new class this month is Software Architecture which is still a bit of an unknown at the moment. It will probably be a bit of a boring necessity, though we may learn when we use certain techniques we have already learned and why, (rather than just being told we have to use them for an assignment as has been done so far.)
But that is all current stuff. The past month was Christmas which gave me a much needed break and a chance to come back to London. It might have been cold, but I had a great time seeing family, friends and Louise. Thanks for all the presents everyone :) I got to go to Stamford Bridge and watch Chelsea beat a poor Birmingham, along with clothes and a couple of Xbox 360 games. You may well see ashleydb racing around in a Lotus on Xbox Live! for the foreseeable future in Project Gotham Racing 3.
Also last month I finally reached $100 in Google Adsense payments for after about seven months. I checked my balance again for December and I earnt a futher $70 from that alone! I don't suppose people are very interested in that, but I am over the moon with that perfromance!
As soon as next month we start our Final Project. The groups seem pretty much decided amongst the class at this point, and the people I'm going to end up with will be meeting tomorrow to try and come up with an idea. Other groups seem to have already started this, so we thought we should get our act together. Not to say we haven't been discussing it. A few ideas have been floated around in the past few months, but the conversations usually end up succumbing to stupid jokes and Futurama quotes. Or discussions about the meaning of the universe and how things work.
Chris will be back by the end of the month to start his Bachelors in Computer Animation. That means I lose the car, but gain a cook ;)

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