Saturday, August 05, 2006

What a week. First, I start work and all is fine. I'm shown around, told the benefits, blah, blah, setup all the software I need etc.
Then on my second day I start reading over the documentation I need to know. But then in the afternoon I'm told I have to go home since my work permit hadn't arrived yet. And no one had any idea when it would turn up. Checking online made it seem like it would be weeks, (mid July they were processing late April applications and mine was files 22nd May.)
So Wednesday I'm sat at home reading printouts and recommended books after picking up my Social Security Number. Oh, and there was a 4.4 earthquake that afternoon. I didn't feel it at home, (I just thought my neighbors were stomping about,) but apparently people at work did since we are on the sixth floor so you feel it more.
Thursday I wake up and find out that my work permit was approved over night! Unbelievable, so I headed back to work that day. Work, work, work, found a bug in the code all by myself, and fixed it, but didn't know how to report or check it in, so left it for the morning. I try to leave to go home and my car won't start. At all. I'm not happy. After spending about two hours phoning people, trying to get jump-starts and everything, I end up just walking home.
So that brings me to today. I walked in, actually got some work done and fixed two bugs, working on two more. My car was picked up by the dealer to be fixed and I was given a loaner.
Tomorrow I think requires a golf lesson, followed by a few beers to calm down and relax. What a week.

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