Sunday, October 01, 2006

I went to go and see Snow Patrol last weekend in San Francisco and it was a great show. I didn't have a ticket and took my chances getting one on the door. I would have booked one but a) I didn't have anyone to go with and b) I wasn't sure I could go. I could have been working over the weekend since I've been on-call a couple of times in case Need For Speed needs help as it gets close to launch. As for having no one to go with, well I figured I had to try and meet people some how, and I really wanted to see the show.
Anyway, I've decided SF is the weirdo/tramp capital of the world though. There were a lot of them around during GDC two years ago, but standing in line outside the Warfield Theatre made us sitting ducks for them to keep coming up. Haha, as I'm typing this I've just remembered seeing a guy fall off his motorbike while we were waiting. He was only going slow and must have been drunk or something, but he was fine. His bike was a piece of crap and one of the tires must have gotten caught in the tram tracks.
I'll leave you with the fact that I almost won a copy of Dead Rising, (mine was the first honorable mention, featuring Michael Jackson,) but no dice.

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