Sunday, November 12, 2006

This week a truck load of PS3 test kits turned up at work. I now have a shiney new PS3 sitting on my desk along with 3 games. I'm not going to incriminate myself by saying anything about the it.
In unrelated news, I won't be buying one. Certainly not in the first year at least.
Other trivia:
  • Blu-Ray-R's are a dark gold color.

  • PS3s are big and heavy, but there is no power brick

  • The controller is a little light but its ok. It feels ok to play with until you press certain buttons. L2/R2 triggers are not straight buttons anymore, but act like the Xbox 360 triggers, (curving.) It feels weird though since the "turning radius" is so tight. The X button really needs to be pushed to get it to work. I guess the face buttons must be analogue again, but perhaps a little better than the PS2 ones.

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