Sunday, May 25, 2008

If anyone out there was getting spam supposedly sent from I apologize. It seems to mostly be coming from Russia, but I've worked with my host to try and prevent it in future. I was getting hundreds of bounced mails back to me each day which was my main clue into what was going on. So, sorry for any spam but it wasn't me and was just as annoying on this end!
I've been having a lot more ideas for new websites, other projects and potential products recently. Limited amounts of time mean I can't do all of them unfortunately. I'm still slowly working on one and have now started another that I hope to work on each day at lunch times. I'll post more when they are further along.
One idea that struck me a couple of months ago thought is "why not have a Guitar Hero controller as a real instrument?" Right now it could be achieved through software. We already have Frets on Fire, which I guess has an editor, (Guitar Hero 4 was announced this week with a built in band jam-session mode,) but why not have an instrument that is basically the same as a Guitar Hero/Rock Band controller but works in the same way as an electric keyboard? Also, sheet music has been around for hundreds of years and there must be good reason why that is so, but surely there must have been other ways of noting down music before now? Why not have Guitar Hero-like tabs be the new documentation format for music on real instruments, such as drums? There is no reason we need to have sheets for music any more. We could just as easily build an LCD screen into a piano these days, for instance.
I was interviewed and got a mention on the Full Sail graduate news website. I also got myself a nice little promotion at work this week!
Louise and I went to Paris for the weekend last month. It was actually much better than I thought and we had a great time. We went over on the Eurostar and grabbed tickets for an open top bus tour, jumping on and off wen we saw something interesting. We also spent one day at Euro Disney and the Disney Studios which I surprisingly enjoyed.
Louise's sister, working on the Oriana, docked in Southampton a few weeks ago so we went down to visit and had a quick tour of the ship. I was on the maiden voyage of it years ago, so it seems much smaller and tattier now. Makes me interested in doing another cruise though since it has been a few years since the last one.
This weekend we have been visiting more of Louise's family and got lucky with the weather. I'm a little sunburnt though. If it is still nice tomorrow, seeing as how it is a bank holiday, I might pop over to the driving range I visited last weekend. It was nice to hit a few balls again.
My Xbox 360 made it to EA in San Francisco but then sat in their mailroom for more than a week since they couldn't see a name on it to deliver it to. After chasing that up it has been sent on and was with Microsoft at the end of this week. Word is I may have it back sooner than I thought, (which is great, but annoying that a week was wasted already.)

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