Monday, August 01, 2016

VR Teleportation Mechanic

Update 2: I just posted my "View Marker VR Locomotion Demo" as a video on YouTube:

Update: I have started to prototype this out and have shared the code here:

Here is some quick programmer art of a virtual reality locomotion idea I had back in May.

Essentially there are two actions the player takes. One is to place a marker in the world, (could be a physical throw, more likely just a point and click.) In the image above, this is the orange ball called the View Marker. The second action is to trigger the teleport to some other spot, (again, likely to just be a point and click.) This is the purple line above. The idea is that when you reappear after teleporting you will be facing in the direction of your view marker, (at least on the X/Z plane.) You could then use this to essentially circle strafe an object/character in a game.

I would love to get my hands on a Vive or similar to be able to test this idea out. Maybe it is more disorienting than I imagine, but if you always know what direction you will be facing then it seems like this could be a very simple idea that could boil down to one or two buttons, (depending on if you want to separate the view marker placement and the teleportation action.)

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