Monday, September 22, 2003

Forgot to write earlier that the GMTV site is now live at which is pretty sweet. There is a link on the home page too in the left sidebar.
Anyway... looks like today will be my last day at Fifth Dimension, unless they want me to help them moving their stuff into the new office down the road. I'll offer, but hope to get out of that one (it's raining now.) Pay seems to be coming in the form of a cheque to make things easier which is pretty good too. Everyone here now knows I'm going off. And why. Green eyed monster in some maybe? I can't wait to be making games for a living ;-)
I've been looking at the modules I'll be doing when I get back and it all seems pretty sweet. Entertainment systems (i.e. Playstation,) C++ and graphics being some notable ones. Just worried about the project now, but I need to finish reading the uni paper work to get more of an idea of what's involved / expected.

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