Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I've been doing my new media thang and churning out the work like there is no tomorrow as usual! Tomorrow I get to play with the beast dual 3Ghz Xeon machine to bust out some 3ds max models that I have been making the textures for (for a fly through of a new housing development.) I finished those off this morning and spent the rest of the day so far doing some designs for the new Fifth Dimension site. Half the work has already been done, so I have been collating ideas (picking the ones I liked and the ones I was told to like) and putting them together as a base before making layout for the various content that would go into it (all in Photoshop.) As long as this design phase doesn't go on too long, this could actually be a nice little project since there is a load of dynamic content to be added. Might learn a little something.

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