Sunday, October 19, 2003

Hey hey, busy day! I've just watched Kill Bill vol.1 and have to say it was comical in the way it portrayed it's violence. At least that's what I thought. My brother said he was nearly sick... Nice little twist at the end. I hope there actually will be a second. After that I finished Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne on PC. I enjoyed playing that. It may have even restored some of my faith in games before I lost it again. It hasn't changed much from the original, which can be seen as a good thing. The only gripe I had was that max didn't seem as flexible as the first game, (unless I'm remembering through some rose-tints.) Just a quick-to-get-into, very stylish game that was FUN to play, (its only been out 3 or 4 days I think and I've finished it!) Bit shorter than I thought It would be, but that isn't too bad since I'm looking for quicker thrills now with my games. My interest is waning with Paper Mario, Splinter Cell and Eternal Darkness. I'm not sure which game to pick up after I've finished these (if I do indeed finish them.) Probably F-Zero GX and Soul Calibur 2. Two very different games that are quick action but should hold some interest.

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