Sunday, October 26, 2003

Not sure how the GBA development is going really. I keep hitting brick walls, and not sure if I am getting over them before hitting the next. Since I don't know C well enough, I have just been searching round and round for code and tools and solutions to problems before I start. I think I have all I need now in order to carry on. I just need to dig through a load of source code in order to find out if I really do have solutions, then put them all together. The way I am thinking at the moment, however, is that this will end up being a self contained title, with instructions on how to create similar titles (i.e. this could be a title teaching the Rules of Sports again, but could explain the process so that a Learn Spanish title could be made for example.)
Going to visit Halls and the rest of the UEA crew next week, at last! Been saying I would for 2 years! Should be a good laugh. May as well do it now while the pressure isn't on so much. Got plenty of work to be getting on with though, so guess I should be getting back to it.

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