Monday, January 19, 2004

How impressed am I? Microsoft have officially announced that I am a genius (here is the proof, near the bottom.) A little while ago I entered stage 1 of the Imagine Cup UK, a competition for students (about coding mostly... the media spinning idea being that 'you can imagine and create anything you want too' ...with Microsoft products) and have placed in the top 150 in the country! I got a nice big box this morning letting me know, with copies of Office 2003 Pro and Visual Studio.NET Pro (over £1000 worth of software!) and a 'Genius' T-Shirt.
It also means I get to go through to stage 2, with the possibility of more prizes, glory and a trip to Brazil! ;-)
Right now though, the X-ROM (my GBA Flash Cart) is finally in the post, so I should have that this week. I'm working on a calculator ROM as a demo right now.

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