Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Not got any further with then new website design. It is currently in Flash and is importing text files and images dynamically, so that I only ever need to update the text files. I was having problems making a custom text scrollbar though and stopped.
I've been doing loads of C++ in the meantime. I was hacking away at the DirectX project to try and add a bit more to it, and I just keep hitting walls. I know what I want to do and even the way I should be doing it, but things just keep going wrong. 3DS Max 6 doesn't have an X file exporter for a start so I can no longer produce X files to fix the rotor blades on the helicopter (which should have worked anyway since it is meant to be a an animated x file.) The game doesn't run at the same pace on different processors due to the way a variable is coded, which should take into account the framerate, but doesn't. This would have been a great thing to have fixed, but I have no chance now. I need to show this to my tutor and hand it in tomorrow.
After that I have been working on other C++ exercises for the Object-Oriented Programing in C++ module I have just started. I has greatly improved what I can do in C++, even if I do have to use Borland C++Builder to do it.
The Graphics module has had me doing some Delphi which is fairly random. This whole year is just essays and coding languages. Not alot in the way of 'fun.'
Speaking of which, my GBA project has had an update. You can download my really small and simple demo from the project website to run on an emulator (or hardware if you have a flash cart.)
Finally, I also applied for a job today to fill the summer before I go to Full Sail. It was with Toxic, in London, which would be cool if I could get it and earn some dosh.

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