Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm watching an incredible tv show right now while I'm working. Richard Branson: The Rebel Billionare. It's a reality show where he has 16 people (all yanks which pisses me off, and you'll see why,) which he jets around the world to do challenges, eliminating them when they fail. Fine. But eventually the prize is Branson's Job! They will OWN VIRGIN! All of it!
So 1) Why yanks? (Its a British company with a british owner, why is he doing this show in the USA?)
And 2) How? (How can he give this away?)
There must be a twist in there somewhere. They are doing some crazy stuff. This is the first episode, a 2 hour special. He has had them climbing out of hot air ballons and planes and have been to England and Hong Kong. They are having to do a business task now - do something for the Virgin Airways Upper Class cabin. They have to do something to improve the service on an Upper Class flight with $500 (or something like that...) within 24hrs. But then half way through he makes them take difficult choices such as offering them a trip to a national monument in Hong Kong. But that's it. So do they go, or not waste the time and keep working on the challenge since they have a time limit? Is it an important choice? Not really if they get the work done, but it makes them over analyse the situation.
One team decided it is what Branson would do and have gone thinking it may become a cultural advantage. The other team wanted the time and didn't go. It's quite interesting, and we have no idea what Branson is thinking, and they are all too preoccupied thinking about that in my opinion, but it must be hard in their position.
This is just crazy, that's all i can say!
(It eventually turns out that the group that goes on the trip makes an inferior product and loses the challenge, so Branson says perhaps they should have spent more time on it. But then if they had done the work it wouldn't have been an issue to him I'm sure.)
But more importantly, I picked up Halo 2 last night. EB had a midnight opening launch to celebrate so I got to the mall at around 11.15pm. After paying off the rest of what I owed I was given a number (104) and invited to a Ruby Tuesdays restaurant around the corner to play some Halo to kill the time. I was getting beaten down. As midnight hits people start going back to get their copy of they game as they are called, but in the restaraunt Halo 2 gets put into the 3 networked consoles. This was my chance to shine and I preceeded to pwn everyone. I ended up coming second by a couple of kills and fell in love with the game during that time. There is so much more in terms of tactics. Halo was essentially a choice between the pistol, shotgun or sniper rifle. This one is a choice between any of the balanced weapons, whether to duel weild (but lose the ability to throw grenades,) or carry the baddest of bad ass - the Covenant sword, (close range, but instant kill.) I'm just annoyed that I have had a load of homework today so I couldn't start the single player campaign!
Oh, and I've fixed the crappy bug that made the text bold and blurry on this site in IE.

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