Saturday, November 20, 2004

The second month of Full Sail is over and I seem to have come through unharmed. Programming 2 and Linear Algebra await me starting next week, with a harsher schedule including classes ending at 1am and a broken up weekend. But that's the price of accelerated learning I suppose.
The year is drawing to a close, at least in gaming terms since the big titles are pretty much all released now in time for the "Holidays." Metal Gear Solid 3 is the latest one, and the Nintendo DS is out tonight, (at least here in the US.) But life is not all rosey in the land of the Title-of-the-Year Contenders...
Halo 2 has reportedly got a few bugs in it, but that didn't stop me and some friends having a 7 hour marathon, multi-systemlink session yesterday before moving on to a party, (thanks Joe for hosting and good work Duke on the party, great turn out.)
The Halo bugs are not too bad though in comparison to the Half-Life 2 situation. Steam has been throwing its guts up over the past few days under the weight of registrations from people registering their store bought copies. At least I can play my downloaded version, even if it does have a crappy stuttering-every-few-minutes bug. What is ingenious though is Valve releasing a warez copy of the game soon after the retail release with a trap in it to destroy your Steam account if used. So if you happened to pay for any titles over Steam you can no longer use them. Seems fair enough to me.

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