Friday, March 23, 2007

My brother Chris had his 21st birthday this month so, in something of a tradition, he flew out to Las Vegas for a week. He stopped here in San Francisco with Mum for a couple of days before taking Louise and meeting some of his friends in Vegas. I obviously had to work so I flew out last weekend to catch the tail end of the party.
Chris made an animation a few months ago for a BBC competition and has been selected as a finalist. When they finally get their act together and post them up for a public vote I'll ask you all to hit their site and vote on it.
Louise's parents are coming out next Tuesday so it will be a busy month for visitors. The three of them are heading to Los Angeles for the weekend and her sister Rachael is coming into town on Monday on the cruise ship she works on.
In extremely exciting news I filed taxes! Woo! ...well, its exciting for me since I got a fat rebate to blow on something fun. I'm about to book some golf lessons for April.
Work is going great. I feel like I have been taking more and more on. I'm being taught more and being involved in more game team conversations and meetings now in preparation for my move back to the UK, now that I've decided to take a new job over there late this Summer. I was really torn about whether to stay in the US or not but I hoping this will be a good career move.
Command and Conquer 3 is released next Friday for PC with more platforms and other games all following soon. Hopefully this one will have my name in it.
I've developed a bit of a pot belly so I've signed up for a basketball league at work to get rid of my baby. The problem is I have no idea what I am doing when we play so I am complete rubbish. I'm still shattered and sweating once I'm done from all the running around though which is the main reason I signed up... to get up off my bum and move around a bit.
Oh, and I love Louise.

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