Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I am now officially a Field Engineer which, counter-intuitively, puts me more on the production side of games than the programming. I'll still be coding, but it will be more in the form of samples for our customers to show them how to use our systems or proof-of-concept. I'll also be much more involved in the game design phase for the online features which gets me much more hands on with the game teams. In a couple of weeks I am heading up to EA in Canada to learn about some of the online stuff I haven't had any contact with as yet. I have a lot to get through before heading back to the UK to support all of the European game teams.
I think I may be getting a little fitter. I have been riding my bike to/from work a few times a week and have still been playing basketball. There is only one game left that I can attend this season and we will no doubt get thrashed, but I have scored a 2 and 3 point shot so I must be getting better each game. Louise and I have started our golf lessons too. She did really well during the first one but I was disappointed. Today I was much better and happier about the results. We will probably buy some clubs at some point before coming home. EA are covering the relocation costs, so I might as well stock up on stuff to bring back.
Rachael arrived on her cruise ship and the five of us, (Louise's parents were here visiting,) went over to visit Alcatraz. I remember little bits from when I was younger but I thought it was really interesting.
It has pretty much died a death already but I have put some posts up on a satirical gaming news website The Game Onion that a buddy of mine started. I'm not sure that anyone else would find it funny though.
Command and Conquer 3 was released, but being a GameSpy title my name wasn't in it, just a special thank you to Plasma, which is our team.
Louise and I went to see the TMNT movie. Interesting style, but not that great a film. We've also just bought Super Paper Mario for the Wii which is great. Louise just said she thinks it is "brilliant." She likes the cute graphics and I have to agree.
Congratulations to the mighty Dagenham and Redbridge FC on your promotion to the (Vauxhall? Nationwide?) Conference. Digger Dagger! And also to me for leading the way in the Fantasy Premiership as we run out the last few games.

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