Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wow, this has been a long gap and much has happened. I'm just going to quickly rattle some of these things off:
It seems like ages ago, but was only about a month since Louise and I went back to England for a weekend. I saw my mates, made a visit to EA UK, (nice office, good meeting,) and went house hunting. We found a place and completed the purchase last week, so now we are Homeowners!
We've had a few other trips too. We went to Sonoma Valley, the wine country a little north of San Francisco. Unbelievably I actually liked some of the wines and I learnt what to look for.
We went to go and see Jersey Boys at the theatre which was surprisingly good. It means that I'm more likely to check out some other shows that I would otherwise skip when we get back.
We were here for July 4th and went to watch the fireworks over the bay by the Golden Gate Bridge.
This past weekend the two of us flew out to Vegas. I spent most of the time with my friends from Full Sail who all converged to meet up for a few days on the beer. While we were there Louise and I took a wander around the Bodies exhibit which was a very strange thing to see, but very interesting too, (FYI: if you go, skip the audio tour; its rubbish.)
We have seen Live Free or Die Hard which was a brilliant action movie, (though way over the top, where the other Die Hards were a bit more believable.) We also got free tickets to an early screening of Harry Potter: OotP since EA makes the game of the movie. It was OK, but was an obvious middling movie since there was no real end... just stuff that happens that leads towards the final movie/book. On Friday we get free tickets to see the Simpsons movie too!
Friday is also my last day in the office here and we head back next week. Wow, that year went fast!

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