Sunday, November 04, 2007

I've been on a trip back to EA in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. It was great to catch up with people there and, more importantly, I also found out that I have my first ever credit in a game! Take a look at this image from Medal of Honor: Airborne:

I picked up a copy for the PC, but so far I've pretty much only been to the credits section. I've got too many games to play at the moment and nowhere near enough time. I've been told I'll also have my name in Need for Speed: ProStreet, due this month.
I can't think of much else worth mentioning that has happened in the past few weeks. I did get to go to the England vs Estonia Euro 2008 qualifier at the new Wembley Stadium which was pretty cool. I didn't get to see the plush part of the stadium with the bars and restaurants though so in some ways it was underwhelming. The view when you step out of Wembley Park station is something special though. Luckily we were sitting at the end where all the goals were scored in the first half, though it was probably all for naught since we are unlikely to qualify for the tournament now.
I am supposed to be going back to DICE in a couple of weeks so it looks like I really am going to be doing a fair bit of traveling in this job.

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