Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sometimes I make notes for myself on what to write for then next update for my blog. I haven't done that this time, so I totally forget what has happened.
Obviously it is Christmas at the moment. I decided to finally propose to Louise on Christmas Eve, so it will be non-stop planning for the next 18 months or so.
As for other stuff, I know I have been back to Stockholm to help out at DICE. I know we had our Christmas party, (boring after last year... just a lunch.) I know that EVERYONE loves to play the Wii, so much that even my Dad and Mother-in-law-to-be now have one. I went to see I Am Legend and went away impressed. Chris got us tickets to go and see Jimmy Carr at the Hammersmith Apollo which was pretty good, (I had heard a fair amount of the act but a lot of audience participation made it funnier.) Chris has gone off to Asia for a few months now, but we'll see how long his money lasts :)
After listening to others playing loudly near my desk for three days straight, I tried out Rock Band at work and it is a lot of fun. The drums were tough, but whatever instrument you play you have a great time. Although you are just making crappy clicking noises you are hit with the great sound of the real track so it makes you feel like a bad-ass, really playing.
I can't think of much else, so I'm going to get back to working on one of my projects.

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