Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I'm getting more famous every day. Got my name on Radio 1 on Sunday (they read out a text I sent in to Wes on the Chart Show on my way back from the airport.) Today Dave Wiltshire pointed this out to me: or view the project here: (note that the actual WAP address is if you want to look on your phone.) i-DAT has somewhat bodged the posting of the project, (in typical fashion) but it still works.
Last night I didn't play football, but instead went to a SoC social, which was OK, but there was also the X-Box £10K Challenge in Scream, in which I failed quite miserably (Project Gotham Racing 2, one go at 2 laps, fastest time of the night wins,) being about 9 seconds off the pace. I did get a nice X-Box Torch Keyring. May be eBay fodder later. I would post a picture, but its difficult to find reliable storage to go with this blog that is likly to be available to me for much longer than a few months. Thats because the Full Sail application is now going ahead. Should be starting at the end of August.
In the meantime, I just got back from a project meeting with Dan Livingstone again which has given me something to focus on. Shame I have to do other work as well though, since it keeps throwing me off.

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