Sunday, February 22, 2004

Just been trying to plug away this week really. I went home last weekend for St. Valentine's Day, but the rest of the week was business as usual. This weekend has been cool though, with the MLA Placement Students all coming back to sign up for their modules for next year. That has meant a busy weekend of watching football, bowling, gamecube and drinking :-). They are all off home today so it is time to get back to work.
I've got a lot more content for my final project, in terms of theory, such as papers, quotes and other research being carried out in the area etc. I have also done a little more to the Calculator ROM, whch is now much more efficient and number entry now properly works. All that needs doing now is adding functionality to the command buttons, such as "+" and "=", to which I have made a start. I think I'll make that my priority for today, with the website being updated too, hopefully, to include the new theory in an arrangment suitable for my presentation, and the new ROM. After that, I think other examples of functioning content, in Flash or Director, should come next, to support a learning scenario on a field trip. But thats a bit further down the line.

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