Sunday, February 22, 2004

Some of the GENIUS ideas thought up over this weekend in the Skiving Scholar Public House (where I seem to have a direct mental link with the Gods whenever I drink in there):
360' Film: For use online through Flash or Director by stitching video together and scrolling the sprites, or flicking layers. For use in a physical space by projecting inwards onto hanging sheets or screens arranged in a circle, with the audience in the center. Would work better with individual sections to the screens, but would be cool if the video were stcked, then played onto a continuous circular screen. Should work nicely with 8 cameras all filming outwards at 45' angles of each other. May have nice implementations in the filming of battle scenes, (where laser shows could enhance the effect by shooting lasers where bullets or arrows, or lasers, should be into the audience space,) sporting events, (especially Tennis, or maybe Boxing,) and of course, Porn.
"Talk to the Hand" Dolls: Girls dolls can't have 'kung-fu grip' so how about a "Talk to the Hand" motion? Could also be used as merchandising for the above Porn site idea.
I'm sure there was more. I'll have to go in there more often, and take a pad.

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