Monday, March 08, 2004

It was my lil' brothers 18th Birthday yesturday, (Happy Birthday boy-o,) and a good time was had by all. I whupped everyone's arse at go-karting, posting a supurb time of 44.46 seconds and flying around the most laps. I did have one spill when I had to brake sharply whilst attempting to overtake someone again right at the end, which resulted in a 180' spin. Then one of Chris' mates, who came careering around the corner behind me, saw me late and side-swiped me whilst trying to brake and avoid me. I now have a nice bloody, purple bruise on my right hip. Mmmm.
Still, I also managed to get a load of work done on my GBA project. Expect a decent look at the theory behind the project to be posted soon, since most of it is written. I have also emailed the organiser of the Serious Games Summit at the Game Developer Conference in San Jose, California, to try and get some input on my work and try and score some resourses from the show. I've noticed E3 is hosting something by The Education Arcade, so I'll try and email them too.

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