Saturday, March 13, 2004

I've just had the results back from the US Embassy and we are definitely accepted now. Woo! Back here though, I have written some more essays and things for various modules. I should really start posting stuff like that on CreateUK.
Also, (I've just had a quick flick back through the last few posts and don't think I've said this yet,) I've noticed that GMTV have changed my website slightly. Basically it looks like they have got some new presenters and so have updated the graphics to include them. Problem is they don't seem to be able to use Photoshop and have just left them as full colour square headshots rather than the faded blue ones I had in the background. There may be a few other bits too, like making the pages totally white with no separations with yellow sections, but that is all I have seen. Rubbish! ;-)

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