Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Let's see if I can start a major rumour in the gaming world with a theory I just had about Nintendo's future hardware, (the main home console unit.)
Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talking about the forthcoming 'DS' handheld console, tried to play down expectation of the DS as a powerful next gen console, urging that people appreciate that "it is a 'unique' machine, so not everybody will understand it right away." He has recently made the following comment about it:
"There might only be 10 to 15 people applauding during its unveiling at E3, but they'll understand it once they touch it. At the least, it should serve as a hint towards [our] next-generation console."
So here comes my rumour / theory: Nintendo's next gen console, 'N5', will be a tablet style device. A bit big to carry around all the time, but you could if you wanted to, like a tablet PC or laptop. They could be linked to allow multiplayer games with some sort of wireless technology like 54mb/s WiFi, or used as separate screens for a single player, like a dual monitor PC, or indeed the 'DS.' By having one screen simply as a menu screen, such as a weapon select or HUD, the rest of the processing power could be used to do work for the other screen, effectivly doubling the power available to chug through game data by implementing parrallel processing.
Sound good? Guess I should knock up a nice 3D interpretation and get this printed ;-)

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