Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I have been tinkering with the site again, so you may notice a few small changes here and there, with more over the next few days. I keep saying its getting to be the way I like it, but these little touches are important. One of them should fix opacity problems found in Safari for example, which I managed to have a quick browse with at Submerge. I've also fixed some broken images not changed during the porting of this blog over from CreateUK. Best of all is the addition of more awards and competition wins to the frontpage, one of which is for the X-Box Media Center Skinning Contest, with the winners announced this past weekend.
I think all that needs adding now are more styles for the site and more of my work, as well as a page template for showing off image based work. It will all come shortly.
Finally, I may have landed myself a job as a writer for gamesTM magazine here in the UK, while I'm away studying in Florida. Kind of like a diary of what Chris and I have been doing during our studies and pursuit of a career in games. If it comes off, it would be excellent news, allowing us to earn some money so we could eat!

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