Thursday, July 01, 2004

So here I am LIVE! at Submerge 2004. The MediaLab Arts stuff I've obviously seen before, but there are a few other colleges and uni's here displaying some of their 'talent.' There is some good stuff on display, I especially liked a QuickTime someone had done for a Pot Noodle ad. Very Nice. At the same time, MLA is head and shoulders above everyone else here. And my GBA project has had a brilliant responce. EVERYONE that has looked so far has said, "I have never thought of doing something like that," referring to reusing a device we already own for extra use. The first guy I showed practically offered me a job on the spot, but I then told him I was off to the USA. All in all, its looking good so far, and I'm glad I came for the little exposure I'm getting, (I'm in a bit of a crap spot in a corner.) I might even have a chance at a Commercial Value prize...
In related news, my project only earned a 2:2! Very disappointing, but I earned a 2:1 overall. Obviously not the First I was hoping to scrape, but hey... There's always Florida!

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