Thursday, July 29, 2004

I've just realised, while I was away I was meant to post that this blog is now a grand 1 year old! Started as a way to document my placement year, on CreateUK, it is now going to be my way of telling the world about how I'm doing at Full Sail. Thanks to anyone that actually read any of it!
Anyway, I've done a much better job of the photos of Dublin, and put all of the old photos up in a new gallery. There is no longer any fancy search function, everything is just up there by event, but it means it is more likely to be updated. I have a bit of a back catalogue to get through, so I may get on with that in a min. Check them all out at
* Update * I've just added the ability to translate this website into one of five languages onto each page. Just click the appropriate flag in the top left of the page. Sweet!

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