Monday, March 21, 2005

A friend of mine tried Googling my name this week and I was surprised by the results. Searching for "ashley bennett" will show my IGDA membership page as the fourth result. Adding developer to the end will get you as the first result. That's not too bad!
With the PlayStation Portable (PSP) launching in the USA this week I have to rant about game retailers blatantly taking advantage of the early adopters. Searching around for prices on the console at stores such as EB Games, GameStop and Best Buy all bring up overpriced bundles. The console should be $250 on its own, but I can only see the major retailers selling packages of at least $350 with many more being $400+. I'll wait before I get a new portable anyway. Nintendo have another one on the way to go with their Revolution console, and my GBA SP gets little (read: no) play as it is.
The Matrix Online Beta is over with the game to launch on Tuesday. Apparently the last few hours were great, with characters such as Morpheus, The Merovingian and Niobe all turning up for a huge war involving the Matrix's virtual world being set ablaze by a fire virus started by the Machines. After my experience with the game I can say it could be fun to play in the long term if you could get in a good "clan" and there were some more events similar to the last day of the beta. Or of course if you are a rabid MMO fan.
I also tried out the Lego Star Wars Demo this week and I have to say I'm very impressed. Clean, simple fun with basic puzzles, 3D platforming and lightsabers. As long as the levels are a little longer and more complex than that presented in the demo, I would have to recommend this game. The replay value is great since you can go back and play each level with access to all of the characters in the game, each with a unique ability allowing you to open up previously inaccessible areas of the map. Buy it next month.
Finally, congratulations to the boys at Elemental Entertainment who's title Wingmen, which I have mentioned in previous posts, will be featured in an upcoming issue of Computer Arts, top digital design rag, as part of a piece about the MediaLab Arts degree, (or rather Digital Art and Technology as it will soon be known.) Well done!

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